Business Development

Beybi adopts the main principles of "quality", "reliability" and "innovation" from the very beginning of its foundation. The importance given at knowledge and improvement lies beneath the success story of Beybi.

Keen attempts to diversify our product range and the consistent emphasis on innovation have been the cornerstone of Beybi's growth. To reach this goal, intensive business development and R&D studies are implemented. These studies and strategies are instrumental to consolidate Beybi's leading role in the market.

The dynamic business development team, whose objective is to get integrated with the changing conditions and needs of the world, strive for taking Beybi a step further. Beybi stays tuned with the latest developments by participating in several international fairs and workshops around the world. Following the latest trends and utilizing brand new technologies, Beybi succeeds to modernize itself without losing its traditional spirit.


Foreign Investments

Beybi continues to maintain its sustainable growth and success through distributorship agreements lately signed with numerous companies around the world. These collaborations and co-operations play an extremely significant role in enriching its knowledge and experience.

Beybi does not only settle with its domestic success, but also continues to grow rapidly in international markets by the license and distributorship agreements. With a view to reaching this goal, various cooperation, partnership and association agreements are signed with the leading companies operating in USA and Europe.

Beybi also monitors different investment opportunities in Far East and accordingly increased its production capacity to a great extent. With the help of international mergers and acquisitions, Beybi's brand recognition keeps strengthening. Beybi is targeting to raise the bar one-step further with its greatly expanding vision and goals.